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Justin Osteen Baseball

Justin Osteen Baseball , Based on our own data sources covering hundreds of industries and many thousand jobs, we create custom-made Executive Compensation Reports. These reports provide organizations with timely, accurate, and relevant information about the appropriate pay of their employees. Our unique Justin Osteen, LLC Confidential Survey is perhaps the most extensive database of compensation practices of independent, non-denominational churches and ministries.

Justin Osteen Baseball

Justin Osteen

Justin Osteen has worked as a consultant to a wide range of nonprofit organizations for over thirty years, including extensive work with social services, health & mental health services, criminal justice, ageing, the arts, youth development and community organizing, to name a few.

He is the oldest child of Rev. John Osteen, who founded Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, of which Justin was the Executive Director from 1983 to 1998. He also traveled extensively to Asia and the Mideast, Eastern Europe, Central & South America in that capacity. There he led humanitarian relief projects, medical missions, native pastor training, and church planting efforts. After the 1998 passage of the Intermediate Sanctions law was passed, he reopened his consulting firm and gathered a group of accountants, statisticians, and attorneys to create a unique methodology to determine “reasonable compensation” for church and non-profit executives and ministerial staff. His clients include many of the largest ministries in the world, as well as hundreds of smaller churches & ministries.

Services and Products

Our services and products are designed to give our clients extensive, informative and useable data and documentation that assists their Boards and Independent Compensation Committees, and the legal and accounting professionals who represent them, in designing fair and attractive total compensation packages for their executives and employees. Our work is also designed to help the client meet the “Safe Harbor” requirements of Intermediate Sanctions (Section 498 of the IRS Code), and avoid the severe monetary penalties that can be caused by a determination of “excess benefits”. Our work is well-known to the Internal Revenue Service, as Executive Compensation Reports have been submitted in private letter ruling requests related to Section 4958. Our studies and reports were successful in stopping revocations based on excess benefit charges in many cases.

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Executive Compensation Reports

Our primary product is the Executive Compensation Report. It was created using unique proprietary methods. The Executive Compensation Report gives the client detailed information about the expected ranges in compensation for specific positions, based upon statistically large samples from organizations similar to the client’s. We use published, unpublished, and unique in-house data to present both expected national averages and predicted compensation figures, adjusted for client’s economic/geographic differences. The Report contains specific comparable compensation figures from church and religion-related organizations, non-church nonprofit organizations, and for-profit service organizations engaged in activities similar to those of the client. These reports typically include at least nine, sometimes as many as twenty “range comparables”.

The “performance percentiles” are used to refine the compensation predictions. They can be found within the expected ranges (the low/10th%ile, 25th%ile, mean/average 75th percentile and the 90th percentile/high). The vast amount of data is then condensed into table summaries, which show the percentile placement of each executive’s current compensation within predicted ranges. These summaries are designed to give data that the client’s Independent Compensation Committee may use in creating reasonable, fair, and attractive total compensation packages.

Retrospective Compensation Studies

Whereas the Executive Compensation Reports are developed for the current or upcoming year, our Retrospective Compensation Studies look back over a number of years to document the difference between compensation actually received each year by an executive with compensation that would have been predicted for that employee in those same years, based on organizational revenue as an independent variable. A Retrospective Compensation Study is usually requested by clients to assess the extent of under-compensation over a given period. This can be used to create guidelines and to justify accelerating payments to an employee’s retirement plan or deferred compensation plan or to establish future equitable compensation packages. The Retrospectives use the same data sources and methods as the Executive Compensation Reports. However, the predictions are not based on current compensation practices but on past practices. These are calculated using “regressed” annualized salary trends data from the relevant industries.

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Ongoing Consultation

Our clients can access ongoing telephone consultations throughout the year regarding compliance and compensation questions.

Clients And References

Justin Osteen, LLC can be retained by clients directly as well as their accounting or legal professionals. Many of the largest churches, religious-related charities, ministries and international ministries in the USA and Canada are among our clients. There are also hundreds of smaller non-profits. Our clients include the following professional firms:

Anthony & Kennedy, PC

Grapevine, TX – Contact Matt Anthony at: [email protected]

Bricker & Eckler

Columbus, OH – Contact Jerry Allen at: [email protected]

Law Offices of Brooke Asiatico

Richardson, TX – Contact Brooke Asiatico at: [email protected]

Simpson & Simpson, CPA

Los Angeles, CA – Contact Brainard Simpson/Dominic Gray: [email protected]

Todd & Weld, LLP

Boston, MA – Contact Matthew J. Fogelman: [email protected]

Powell Goldstein, LLP

Washington, DC Contact: Nancy Kuhn: [email protected]

Middlebrook & Goodspeed, PLLC

Dallas TX – Contact David Middlebrook: [email protected]

Caplin & Drysdale

Washington, DC

Berke, Kent & Ward, LLP

Calabasas, CA – Contact Kenneth J. Berke [email protected]

H. Douglas Duncan Attorney at Law

Lodi, CA – [email protected]

King & Spalding, LLC

Atlanta, GC – Contact Stephanie (Stevie) Casteel: [email protected]

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