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Basic / Breeders Information

Mafia Funeral, an indica/sativa hybrid variety from Compound Genetics, can be grown indoors (where they will need a flowering period of +-63 day) or outdoors. Mafia Funeral by Compound Genetics is a dominant THC variety. Feminized seeds are not available.

Compound Genetics’ Mafia Funeral Description


Mafia funeral by Compound Genetics. This is a feminized cross between Garlic Grove 55 & The Menthol. It’s a Gelato 45x (White Diesel) x (High Octanex Jet Fuel G6) hybrid.

This variety is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation as well as to various growing media and techniques, both in soil or in hydroponic systems.

Funeral Mafia flowers

Mafia Funeral flowers after approximately 9 weeks of flowering when cultivated indoors. This yields an average production. It can be cultivated outdoors and harvested in October. It produces dense, resinous flowers which release strong aromas and flavours that are passed down from its ancestors. The Mafia Funeral buds have a full resin coating, making them a great choice for fans of hash extractions.

Plants can show great variety of tonalities and display great showiness, especially when the temperature drops. These striking colours are not uncommon in some phenotypes.

Mentol and Garlic Groove 55 are powerful varieties on both an organoleptic as well as psychedelic levels. Mafia Funeral is known for its powerful effects and scandalous flavours.

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Mafia Funeral’s organoleptic profile includes a mix of its direct ancestors. It also has a wide range of flavours, including cookies, orange soda, gelato and general Tso’s Chicken nuances. These flavours and aromas make for an explosive combination.

Information about the Compound Genetics Funeral Mafia:

Type: Feminized cannabis seed

Genetics: Garlic Groove 55 and The Menthol

Indica/Sativa hybrid

Indoor flowering: 9 weeks

Outdoor harvest: October

Indoor yield: Medium-high

Outdoor yield: >500g per plant

High THC

Where can I buy Mafia Funeral cannabis plants?

Only feminized Mafia Funeral seeds are available from Compound Genetics. At the moment, regular seeds are not available. We found 2 offers in 2 seedbanks for 13 feminized and 13 unfeminized cannabis seeds. You can purchase Mafia Funeral Cannabis seeds from Compound Genetics or visit one the trusted and recommended seed-shops to view their current Mafia Funeral offers.


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