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Wu Yongning’s Funeral: Reddit has resurfaced footage of Wu Yongning crashing from a skyscraper, igniting interest in his passing.

Wu Yongning, a Chinese daredevil climber who is also a social media sensation, is 26 years old.


Weibo uploaded selfie films and photos from the top of skyscrapers that he climbed, without any safety equipment. This propelled him to fame.

Wu Yongning Funeral – Stuntman Full Vid On Reddit – How Did He Die? – What Happened to Him?

Wu Yongning was filming the stunt from the edge of the tower when he lost control and fell to his death in November 2017.

It was said that a window cleaner discovered his body.

Wu was at work on his next viral video and planned to post it on his hugely successful social media accounts.

They might donate money to Wu if they liked Wu’s antics.

According to The Morning Bulletin, we had intended to propose to our fiancee the day following the stunt. We also planned to use the money for his wedding and to treat his mother’s illness.

Stuntman Full Video On Reddit

Reddit has the video of Wu Yongning. It was uploaded by maryllcastelino.

This post has received 254 upvotes and 51 comments.

This video has been viewed over 15,000,000 times online. It shows Wu performing his famous pull-ups by lowering himself to the side.

He tries to get up but falls from the view of his camera phone that he used to record his trick.

Wu’s girlfriend, Jinjin, stated that he had an agreement for his next film with an undisclosed partner. If it were to go viral, it would have made him 100,000 RMB (PS11 300).

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Wu’s relatives also told local media that Wu was trying the dangerous feat as part of a contest for 100,000 Yuan in prize money.

Wu Yongning Age & Wikimedia

Wu Yongning was only 26 years old at the time of Wu Yongning’s death.

He was known as China’s superman. His Weibo uploads of selfie movies and photos from the tops skyscrapers, which he climbed with no safety equipment, helped him rise to fame.

His most recent appearance was at Changsha’s Huayuan Hua Centre, Hunan Province’s 62-story building. He tried pulling-ups from the building’s rim as a stunt. He realized that he wasn’t strong enough to get up again after a while.

While he tried to use his feet against a building’s facade to accomplish this, he was unable to. He ran out of strength, and was unable anymore to hold on to the building’s facade. He fell to his death.

He recorded his final ascent and broadcast the video of the fall on the internet a few weeks later.

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