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Les Grobstein Cause of Death

Who is Les Grobstein

The Grabber was a legendary radio show in Chicago. The Grabber has been broadcast for over 50 years. FIFTY. Les is the ideal match the perfect location for The Score, which is one of the few areas in the United States that has live and local sports radio on a nightly basis.

It was known that he was the most popular broadcaster in Chicago Sports Radio. He worked on radio with Larry Lujack, a radio disc jockey, as well as Steve Dahl. He was a part of on the night shift of The Score at 670. The Score before his death.

The famous Chicago radio sportscaster died in the last few days. Les Grobstein was discovered dead in his Elk Grove Village home on Sunday afternoon.

Diane Desimonev was the wife of Les Grobstein, who was a sportscaster on radio. The death announcement concerning Les Grobstein has been all on the internet.

Les Grobstein Cause Of Death

Les Grobstein was discovered dead in his Elk Grove Village home on Sunday afternoon according to media blogger Robert Feder. He was 69 at the time of his death.. He’s been off sick since the 12th of January as per reports. Although, there has been no other details provided about the reason for his death. According to some sources the cause of death was an illness.

How Did Les Grobstein Die?

Les Grobstein died at the age of 69. the reason behind the death is not yet known. The actor was ill since Wednesday, as per reports. There’s no additional details about his death released. According to certain sources, his death was due to disease.

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He was unwell from January 12 and the doctor took him off his job and was found deceased in the Elk Grove Village home on January 16.

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