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Sometimes, there’s no substitute for personal touch.

Carriages takes a genuine interest in our families and gives it our total commitment. Funerals are a way for family and friends to say goodbye and show love, respect and honour. Your Carriages Funeral Director is there to help you and keep you informed every step of your journey.

Sometimes, it feels like computers, texting, and e-mail threaten to take control of our lives. They are useful tools that we wouldn’t want to live without, but sometimes there is no substitute to the human touch.


Carriages takes great care of our families.

Funerals are a way for family and friends to say goodbye and show love, respect and honour. The funeral should be meaningful and reflect the personality of the deceased. It should also include pleasant memories and a sense of contentment that the best was provided.

A good funeral is essential in grieving. It can be extravagant or simple. Our commitment is the same regardless of how much we spend.

Involved in carries care

There are instances that there’s no
alternative to that personal touch.

Everyone in the family can be secure in the knowledge that our attention and concern begins when you’ve phoned us. We’ll take care of it.
every effort we can to accelerate this vital phase. There are many necessary steps to follow
finished and Carriages manage all aspects with total efficiency.

One thing that is important to funeral directors must be aware of
What you cannot do is declare the death.

There are laws that govern this, and typically an immediate family member who is able to fulfill this responsibility.
In certain situations the Coroner could be involved and an investigation could be conducted to verify the
Cause of the cause of death. This usually happens when the doctor hasn’t visited the deceased in the last 14 days or
in which there is there is uncertainty.

The funeral director at your carriage knows that the grieving family members might need additional assistance during this difficult time.
The Coroner’s office will be in contact with Coroner’s office multiple times a day. We will keep you updated on the current situation
and provide the details of what should and what needs to. The time lag that is caused by an involvement by the coroner usually is two or three years
the working hours and dates of the funeral can’t be verified until the Coroner has released the papers.

WHAT CAN I DO When a Death Occurs

If the death occurs at Home

If your loved one has died at home, you’ll have to notify your doctor (or the doctor in call) who will verify the death. If the death was anticipated and there is a nurse present, the doctor will authorize the nurse to verify the death. After the doctor or nurse has been certified, you may contact us anytime of the night or day to let us know that you wish to transfer your loved ones into our care.

The medical certification will be issued, typically at the time of the operation at the end of the working day, ready for collection. After you have received the health certificate in hand, you have to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office , where the Registrar will need your medical certification.

If the death occurred unexpectedly or the doctor hasn’t seen the deceased in the past 14 daysafter the fact, then the case might be sent for coroner investigation. For more information on the Coroner Click Here.

If the Death occurs from Home

Residential or Nursing

Home Most homes have contacted you in advance to find out whom your Funeral Director is. In the event of a loss of your loved one, they’ll contact us any time so that we can transfer your loved ones into our care. The medical certification will be issued, normally from the clinic on the following working day , and will be ready for collection. Once you’ve received your Medical certificate you will need to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office , where the Registrar will need an official medical document.


Contact us during the day to assist you in making funeral arrangements. It is essential to call with the Bereavement Office in the hospital on the morning following death at or after 10.00 a.m. The staff will notify you of the time when the medical certificate will be available and make an appointment to pick it up from the Bereavement Office. Once you’ve made your appointment at the Bereavement Office, you need to schedule an appointment for the Registrar. The Registrar will need the medical certificate. Be aware that in some hospitals, the Bereavement Office can make an appointment to visit the Registrar at the hospital.


Sometimes, there’s no substitute for personal touch.

Carriages takes a genuine interest in our families and gives it our total commitment. Funerals are a way for family and friends to say goodbye and show love, respect and honour. Your Carriages Funeral Director is there to help you and keep you informed every step of your journey.

FUNERAL Arrangement

Arranged with love, compassion, dignity, and warmth

A funeral can be either modestly simple or extravagant. It can be difficult to choose the right funeral. Our team has years of experience and is trained to offer advice and support in choosing the right funeral.


A fitting Tribute to a Memorial

Carriages offer a complete masonry service. Our stone masons have been BRAM-accredited and we will work closely with you to create a fitting tribute for your loved one. We can also supply memorials not listed in our collection or replacement stones or additional inscriptions.


High-Quality Coffins for a Dignified Send-Off

Carriages works directly with you to ensure the best quality coffin. You can choose from a variety of caskets and coffins. We can also create custom-made coffins.


Beautiful arrangements to express your love

You can choose from a variety of flower arrangement styles and colors. Our team of dedicated in-house florists can create beautiful tributes and bespoke arrangements to express your love, sympathy, and respect.


Advice and Assistance

Funerals can be small or extravagant. We know that choosing the best funeral could not be an easy task to accomplish. This is why our staff are well-trained with decades of knowledge, with funeral planning and assistance.

Carriages recognize that affordability is crucial and will warn against spending too much emotionally, noting that our commitment to our customers is identical, regardless of budget and encourage families to feel in charge of the events when it comes to the formalities of the funeral.

Funeral Costs

Carriages understands that families are in a position to make decisions about their funeral. Carriages are aware of how significant the expense of a funeral may be, as well as how crucial it is for every family member to feel satisfied that they have provided what is most suitable for their loved ones. Carriages’ commitment to your family is the same regardless of whether you’re operating on a budget or are planning an extravagant display. Whatever is appropriate to your loved ones will be handled with such elegance and respect that you’ll be able to see that you’re working with people who truly are concerned about your family.

An estimate in writing will be provided, and you’ll be able to review it and ensure that all of your concerns have been addressed and all costs were discussed, and the funeral you choose to have is reasonable. On the reverse of the estimate is an outline of our Terms and Conditions.


Funerals usually require a deposit to be made prior to the day that the ceremony takes place. Funeral accounts are split into two distinct sections. Funeral Directors Charges and Disbursements.

Funeral Directors’ Fees

Funeral Directors’ fees include our professional fees as well as the expenses for keeping our 24-hour available service, all days all year. The cost also covers the professional services required in making funeral arrangements as well as the preparation of all documentation required and also covers:

1. Personal attendances and conveyances of the deceased
2. Our chapels have private chapels
3. Hearse, limousine and other transportation


Disbursements are the charges are paid to a third-party on behalf of you i.e. funeral/crematorium cemetery, doctor’s fees or ministers, as well as church costs Most of them are due and repaid prior to the funeral.

A funeral bill will be sent out 7-10 days following the funeral. The account can only be delivered only to the individual who completed the estimate. The person signing the estimate is personally responsible for the expenses that are involved.


Financial assistance could be offered through the D.W.P. to assist with funeral costs . Your Funeral Director can provide current information on this.



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Customers have to say about funeral service carriages

Carriages Funeral Directors is proud of the service we provide so we are always glad to receive
Families we’ve worked with have provided feedback and reviews.

We were treated with great respect by my daughters and myself. It was all we needed at the time.

By Albert

My daughters and I were treated with kindness, compassion, and quiet strength. All was done with the calmness and assurance that we needed.

By Mrs. J Jones

Carriages was a service I used before. They were professional, friendly and very accommodating. They are highly recommended and I would use them again.

By Pauline Harris

Carriages are deserving of all the praise they get. There are too many words to describe them. They helped me get through this unfamiliar experience.

By Rawford



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